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About Me - Roman Beylin

I’m an entrepreneur who’s excited about SMB M&A.

I started my career as an investment analyst for one of the largest asset management firms in the world. Around 2017 I caught the M&A bug after selling my consulting business. Since then I’ve bought and sold a handful of small online businesses. Along the way, I’ve also launched and failed at a few startups.

Today, I am ALL IN on the small business M&A space.

I’m the owner and operator of these projects:

The Business Inquirer - this newsletter focused on SMB M&A

DueDilio - the leading marketplace to hire highly vetted M&A due diligence service providers.

The Deal Flow Scout - an open platform for free peer-to-peer sharing of deal flow.

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Roman Beylin

I am the Founder & CEO of DueDilio, a leading online marketplace to hire highly vetted M&A due diligence service providers. I began my career in investment management and ibanking.